The Adept Living Foundation (ALF) is organised around the core principles that, in order to thrive, people need to have their core needs met. This includes the need:

  • for a safe place in which to develop and grow
  • for a sense of both community and autonomy
  • to be able to both give and receive attention
  • to have meaning and purpose in their lives

What we do?

ALF provide a programme of support services to those who suffer with emotional distress, and are struggling financially. This may leave them with a sense of being socially excluded and unable to move forward successfully in their lives.

They may have, for example, suffered or be recovering from Addiction; Depression; Stress; Anxiety or Trauma, so will need support to become calm, acquire new interpersonal skills, and apply themselves to a career, a business, or other meaningful occupation.

In the process of becoming more socially included, they will have opportunity participate in, and develop an ongoing and mutually beneficial Peer Support Network

The Core Programme consists of:

  1. Resilience Building Workshop – to build emotional and social capacity
  2. Enterprise Creation Workshop -to develop plans for career, business or voluntary work
  3. One to One Coaching and Mentoring – to action those plans
  4. Peer Support Coaching groups – to keep on succeeding
  5. Community Support ongoing

Added Value

Alongside, combining the mix of emotional, enterprise guidance & client focus, another unique feature of  the ALF Programme is that once you are part of the foundation, you will also have the opportunity to learn how to develop and be a part of an enduring community of supportive peers.

ALF also bespoke programs for individuals.

We have links with other Community based organisations and learning collectives which provide a platform for ALF clients to practice and hone their interpersonal and professional skills.