Action hands

Achieve the following:

  • Overcome life’s stresses & challenges
  • Enhance work, life, and social skills
  • Obtain accredited vocational skills
  • Support your colleagues, friends and family
  • Work towards an accredited coaching qualification


The Adept Living Foundation CIC (ALF CIC) excel at creating more sustainable and healthier communities through Peer Support termed “Peering”.

Peering means listening to others, demonstrating our understanding, encouraging others to progress and be healthy, by shaping and using our own skills, gifts and talents.

Communities are healthier when:

  • We can cope with life’s stresses and challenges and progress through them and build new skills.
  • We are confident and successful in our meaningful occupation, however we define it.
  • We collaborate in ways that are mutually supportive, encouraging, and educational.

ALF do this by remaining at the forefront of peer support, conducting our own community research, providing peer support qualifications, and leading by example, by providing communities of good practice.

What we do?

We provide peering opportunities for good practice, by facilitating groups or communities of practice across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Cornwall, to develop and apply life, mentoring and coaching skills into your everyday activities, be that work, family, study, or socialising.

These groups focus on acquiring and deepening peering skills so as to live a purposeful, calm, and mutually collaborative life, whilst helping others to do the same.

Added Value

  • Recover, develop and progress through, and beyond, life’s challenges
  • Become part of an enduring community of peers
  • Attendance at groups can lead to an accredited qualification
  • Participate in a community interest company

A unique feature of the ALF Intentional Peering is that, once you are a member of the foundation collective, you will be a part of an enduring community of supportive peers which is self-supporting and self-sustaining. You will have the opportunity to work with us, vote on key decisions, and make suggestions for Community projects.

ALF can also bespoke programmes for individuals via our training partners and learning collectives which provide a platform for ALF clients to learn and hone their Peering skills to a high level, as well as taking part in Peer Support and Health related CPD. This is delivered through ALF Enterprises (“ALFE”).

ALF’s training partners deliver the higher levels of accredited Peer Training to Level 5 Diploma level, enabling individuals to become qualified Peer Confidantes, Peer Mentors, Peer Coaches, and Peer Trainers.

For more information please contact a member of the ALF team at : contact@alfcic.org or telephone: 07791 520388