Please meet our team:

CEO, Directors and Leads – Emma Jaynes (Director of Programmes Creation & Educational Lead), Keith Abrahams (Lead Coach & Interim CEO)

Consultants – Juliet Stewart – Volunteer Marketing Consultant ; Glenys Collings – Consultant for Integrative Medicine, Physical Health, Nutrition, Natural Healthy Living

EJ on sofa in office

Our Director of Programmes Creation and Educational Lead, Emma Jaynes combines her experience of managing a consultancy practice, directing other service provider organisations, and running a number of her own businesses, with training in psychology, coaching and counselling also in her background. Emma has Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS) and abides by the BPS code of ethics.

Emma has managed a Peer Led Mental Health charity and brings her specialist expertise in Peer Support, Psychology, Recovery Coaching, and Addictions, to the ALF team.

Emma continues to develop the ALF specialist programmes in topics such as sleep, addictions, resilience, and healthy relationships, and facilitates regular peer support groups with focuses on personal development; career, employment & business development; and addictions. Emma uses her psychological knowledge and research to underpin the programmes, ensuring that all ALF’s training materials, resources, and practices, are informed by the latest psychological insights.

Emma is actively involved in volunteering in the community, running business events and supporting single working mothers.

Emma will support you with emotional peer counselling and coaching, business mentoring or sometimes with support in the day to day practical matters.

Emma also delivers the core ALF programmes and is responsible, with Keith, for the Communities of Practice in North Herts/ Central Beds.

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Keith profile

Keith Abrahams, our Volunteer Lead Coach,  brings the breadth and depth of his lengthy career within the Corporate Sector, as a business owner, teacher and Psychotherapist, to the ALF team.

Keith has run and established a number of businesses and brings an uncommon wealth of experience to his work as a Corporate Coach. He has practised as a qualified accountant for over 35 years and has worked extensively in the business worlds as a finance director, a CEO and consultant.

Keith has also enhanced his professional business qualifications with expertise in coaching and counselling psychology and has a reputation for his skill in resolving trauma.

Keith supports ALF clients by offering Enterprise Coaching and Counselling, helping people to overcome their struggles, and to realise their professional goals.

Keith is responsible, with Emma, for the ALF Communities of Practice in North Herts.

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Juliet Stewart, our Volunteer Marketing Consultant, has a BSc in Psychology with Graduate Basis for Chartership with the British Psychological Society. She has recently graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters Degree in the Psychology of Economic Life, which has led to her developing a keen interest in marketing, as a career. 

She joined the ALF team in 2020, after graduating, to enhance her skills and knowledge of the industry, whilst contributing to the ALF marketing strategy and awareness raising campaigns. She has also taken on the day to day marketing tasks, such as creating marketing materials for the courses, organising the social media marketing campaigns, and conducting market research.

Due to her background in Psychology, Juliet’s knowledge fits in perfectly with both the ethos of, and the work undertaken by, ALF. She is also working her way through the accredited courses, which shows her dedication and commitment to ALF’s vision and mission, and ensures that ALF clients are secure in the knowledge that all ALF team members are well versed in the content of ALF services and courses (and she can confirm it’s great!).

Glenys Collings is a specialist in Integrative Medicine and consults for ALF on Nutrition, Physical health and natural healthy living. She has had a long and successful career in nursing which has led to a further passion and qualifications in Integrative Medicine and Naturopathy.

Naturopathy is a form a healthcare that advocates good nutrition, exercise and positive lifestyle changes to empower and motivate the individual to both understand and improve their own physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, and to maintain lifelong positive health.

Glenys’ interventions are based on nutrition, natural healthy living, eastern philosophies and positive psychology to support the challenges of 21st century life. She specialises in all diet and stress related health symptoms, including addiction issues and obesity.

Glenys brings her experience of more than two decades in NHS nursing, and her knowledge and expertise in natural health to the team, to support ALF’s focus on the biological, psychological and social aspects of an individual’s health.

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Memberships and associations include: Royal College of Nursing, Association of Naturopathic Practitioners.