Resilience in Action

This is an interesting and stimulating workshop and can be used as an introduction to deeper and more long term work on your personal growth and development.

The ongoing goal from engaging in, and with, Resilience in Action, using the DENT approach, is to achieve ‘Emotional Resilience’ which is often defined as the ability to bounce back.

Bouncing back implies being confident enough to take action and make changes in response to challenges. Positive Ways looks at this through three areas of human interaction:

  1. Core Domain – getting our survival needs met and feeling secure in our lives
  2. Emotional Domain – how to gain command over our emotions
  3. Psychological Domain – how to think clearly and tell a healthy story about ourselves and our life vision 
  4. Social Domain – how we interact with others in our communities and families
  5. Pragmatic Spiritual Domain – how we get a sense of meaning and become of service

Simply put, this approach will move you from being ‘stuck in the red’ to ‘all set to go, in the green’.

We find that the transformational learning is where clients begin to understand how, if their basic needs are not met. they may find it very difficult to feel safe to explore their world. This means that they often feel very upset inside and unable to make decisions that will create a healthier life. This results in the interaction with the outside world feeling challenging and unsuccessful.

We will support you in identifying (or appraising) the root causes of your sense of ‘stuckness’ and help you build the resources where you need them.

In essence we support you in:
– Setting achievable goals
– Getting a sensible attitude
– Building your resourcefulness
– Keeping motivated.
– Being successful