Resilience & Enterprise Programmes

ALFE offer Resilience and Enterprise Programmes to groups in the local Community.

The Resilience Programme is designed to support peers to become emotionally resilient by taking them from a place where they may currently be feeling stuck, to a place where they are feeling robust and able to discharge their innate resources, to take action in their lives.

The Resilience Programme:

  • Focuses on the five domains of life: Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Social, Spiritual
  • Ensures our essential needs within each of the domains is being met and, if not, that we have a plan for getting them met
  • Teaches practical tools and techniques for getting calm, clear thinking, and telling helpful & healthy stories about ourselves and our situations
  • Is solutions focused and orientated towards the future
  • Will help you to create a vision for your life and a plan for your next steps

The Enterprise Programme:

  • Focuses on the premise that being purposeful is what keeps us healthy, motivated, and successful in our lives
  • Supports peers to find purposeful occupation from whatever stage they are currently at and can include: following a passion or hobby, gaining voluntary work, starting a small business, gaining paid employment, or studying
  • Teaches skills and shares tools that encourages and creates the right mindset for achieving any of the above purposeful pursuits
  • Will help you to create an action plan for immediate use with the support of a Peer Mentor or Peer Coach
  • Will demonstrate that you do have everything you need to make a start on becoming purposeful right now

The programmes are facilitated by ALFE staff who have experience across the Public, Voluntary, and Corporate sectors, as well as coming from Therapeutic, Psychology, and Peer Coaching backgrounds.

We have written a number of these programmes bespoke for different needs including: Addiction, Obesity, and Trauma. A typical full bespoke programme can be tailored to meet the needs of different groups, and may look something like the programme pictured below:

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