Pragmatic Mental Health Training for Manager, Supervisors, & Work Coaches

As a result of the training supervisors and managers will be
able to demonstrate:
•The confidence, competence and skills to better support
staff through emotional & mental health issues (EMHI)
•Healthy behaviours and language around managing EMHI
•An understanding of the productivity & commercial
benefits for the organisation from successful EMHI
•The skills required to assess and mitigate stress in the
work place
•The ability to link staff needs to the action that is planned
ensuring employees believe and can act on a wellbeing
Introduction – Explore what good mental health is and how staff
can be encouraged to be mentally healthy in the work place
Wellbeing – Be able to manage stress and cope with the
different labels given to mental health challenges
Planning – Demonstrate a way of planning for wellbeing that is
congruent with organisational objectives
Engagement – Develop engagement skills that encourage staff
to healthily succeed
Questioning – Adopt questioning skills that keep staff mentally
healthy focused on organisational goals
Believing – Discover how to shape and frame organisational
beliefs that lead to consistent staff performance
Mindset – Establish a healthy mindset that emphasises
achievement, goal setting and clear communication in the
organisational system
Self-care – Produce and work to a health self-care plan that
meets organisational objectives
Coaching – Applying a straightforward coaching conversation
approach to mental health that leaves an employee goal
focused whilst feeling supported