Peer Support

Connect handsALF is a beneficiary led membership organisation. This means that everyone who works within ALF in any role, has experienced, found solutions, and now prospers, from life challenges that caused significant Life Stress. 

ALF value, and know from experience, how vital purposefulness is to improving and sustaining personal health and the health of our communities. Reciprocating care and attention, feeling valued in our communities, and having meaning and purpose are all vital needs that need to be met in order to enable humans to survive and thrive.

In addition to the serious benefits of creating sustainable and healthy communities through peer support, is the fact that ALF also know and value the importance of having a sense of humour, especially when our lives may have been tainted with painful life events, and challenge. It is important to remain light-hearted in a world which can often feel absurd. We run our Communities of Practice with a light and humourous touch. Peers will always feel a part of the ALF extended family, which is our lifelong commitment to uphold and tend to, with a fair and firm approach.


In order to effectively support the work of ALFCIC and demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we will be running a membership programme in some regions, from Spring 2022 onwards. More information to follow.



ALF Values and Principles

We choose to live and work by the values and principles of ALF peer support and respectfully share with the group as a suggested framework

Just for today:


I will be calm, focused, and willing to listen

I choose to be considerate, kind and generous

I am grateful for giving and receiving support to and from all living beings.

I decide to work hard to keep my commitments.


  1. Peer Support builds bridges; past to present, you to me, and us to all others.
  2. Our experience of the past makes us worthy for peering into the future.
  3. We share what we can, time, humour, and funds for the kitty.
  4. Mutual respect and generosity are underpinned by fairness and firmness in the support we give and receive.
  5. Our facilitators guide and encourage, we lead ourselves.
  6. Peer support’s foundation is built on honour, respect and privacy.