Our Values

ALF’s Core Values are shaped around the qualities of ‘Transparency’, ‘Fairness and Firmness’, ‘Impact’ and ‘Frugality’

1.Transparency – ‘Being open, straightforward & honest’

The Directors will always be open, straightforward and honest in the work they do for ALF accounting for ALF’s costs and explaining ALF’s outcomes to all stakeholders with a legitimate interest.

2. Fairness and Firmness – ‘Acting with kindness, compassion & suitable expectation’

All stakeholders will be treated with kindness and compassion for their circumstances, such that when assessing a client’s personal and financial resources against ALF’s limited resources, we will ensure that the awarding process is independently supervised and gently communicated.

3. Impact – ‘Considerate of effect on People, Planet & Profit for our beneficiaries’

Through action research, we consider carefully our impact on the social, ecological and economic environments on our:

  • People (staff & beneficiaries) by delivering innovative programs based on the latest psychological and business insights, at a cost 50% less than the market rate.
  • Planet by ensuring our ecological impact is minimised, aiming to have a neutral effect on the environment from all of our endeavours.
  • Profits by providing services that are immediately practical, long lasting and generate a surplus that will be re-invested into serving beneficiaries in their ongoing profitable growth (however they choose to define it), by being Frugal

4. Frugal – ‘Our investment is focused on outcomes’ such that:

  • Staff will be volunteers or paid no more than 50% of the market rate for the job
  • Admin costs will be restricted to 10% of income
  • Trainers, Coaches & Counsellors will be volunteers or paid 35% of market rate.