Our Mission

“Our mission is to excel at Peer Support provision, always being at the forefront of high  standards”.

Our purpose is to enable networks of relationships among adults 18 or over who suffer with emotional distress, may feel socially excluded, are struggling financially, and therefore unable to move on successfully in their lives, who live and work in Bedfordshire, Cornwall, Devon, and Hertfordshire to function even more effectively.”

We will achieve this by:

  1. Acting as consultants to organisations who wish to extend their intentional peer support
  2. Partnering with, or establishing, self-sustaining community based Intentional Peer Support Groups (IPSG)
  3. Training volunteers and coaches in Intentional Peer Support
  4. Working directly with individuals on bespoke projects

You can view the activities section of our CIC statement, submitted to companies house, by clicking on the download button below:


With a combined background in business, coaching and mental health services, ALF recognise there is a swathe of people who are just about coping with life and at risk of becoming unable to cope. We wish to be available for them.

We also recognise, there are some who are no longer ill enough to be supported by mainstream services, but are not yet feeling sufficiently mentally and emotionally robust to find meaningful employment or occupation. We wish to help them be effective.

Failing to support our community may undermine their confidence and could lead to social exclusion. It also has a hidden cost to the state, community and family life, as these sufferers find it hard to be fully productive.

ALF’s success will also provide high quality loyal staff to employers.

Local government often generously provides funding, but is subject to national policies and funding changes that mean provision is often short term and sporadic. ALF’s projects seek to be a stabilising and backbone force behind that.

Project Aims

This project aims to work with clients such as small charities, community organisations, and service users, in order to develop their Peer Support service provision. It also aims to improve beneficiaries’ emotional resilience, interpersonal skills and attitude towards purposeful occupation (which ALF define as voluntary work, paid employment, setting up and small business, or pursuing a hobby or passion). The defining nature of this project is that it creates ongoing and sustainable community and peer group support, in conjunction with local and national businesses. It also ensures that Peer Support is being delivered to a high standard and those delivering are being sufficiently supported thus making it sustainable and robust.