ALF Communities of Practice

ALF Communities of Practice

Through a combination of online learning centres and face to face local community-based meetings you can develop and pass on the skills of being an effective peer confidante, mentor, and coach.

If you come along to the Peer Community you will learn how to:

  • Overcome life’s stresses & challenges
  • Enhance work, life, and social skills
  • Obtain accredited vocational skills
  • Support your colleagues, friends and family
  • Work towards an accredited coaching qualification

During the process of meeting with us you will explore the following thirteen modules:

0. The Positive Ways approach to Emotional and Mental Health
1. Practicing Mutuality and Finding Purposefulness
2. Living the Peer Support Values and Principles
3. SHAPE your life: Working with the Basic Elements of Peer Support
4. Essential Human Needs for Wellbeing (EHN): DENT in Action
5. The Art of Listening and Having Good Conversations
6. Storytelling for Confidantes: 3 steps to Progress and Purposefulness
7. Peer Personal Development: Accepting what is, and Developing Manageable lives
8. Peer Personal Development: Responsible and Independent; Accountable and Inter- Dependent
9. Peer Personal Development: Co-existence of Selflessness and Self-Care
10. Peer Personal Development: Ethical Living
11. Peer Personal Development: Healthily Meeting Commitments
12. Peer Personal Development: Celebration: The Value of being Appreciative and Reflective


Additionally ALF can facilitate regular meetings with members, to find out what you want your groups to do and for you to have a vote in key decisions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at : or call 01566 471313 and leave a message on our voicemail

We look forward to meeting you! 😊