ALF Enterprises

Recently ALF Enterprises have completed coach and mental health training to all the DWP frontline staff in Herts & Beds. We wish to offer the same specially reduced rate and high benefit to Public and Third sector organisations and businesses in Herts & Beds.

ALF Enterprises promote education & support improved mental health at work and in the community by:


  1. Training work-based coaches, supervisors and managers in how to manage good mental health conversations and performance.
  2. Providing resilience training for employees that leads to a purposeful focus on organisational objectives.
  3. Providing Peer Mentoring and Counselling programs to challenged individuals who have been unable to return to work or focus on back to work training.
  4. Facilitating out of hours peer support for individuals who have returned to work, but maybe at risk of being overwhelmed.
  5. Delivering bespoke or client pre-written material through trained tutors & coaches



The DWP had feedback from all their attendees who reported that it was the best training they ever had. They have used the tools we have taught them and integrated them into their work, for themselves and their customers. They particularly appreciated the way we shared our lived experienced, finding our personal stories inspirational, especially because we gave a balanced perspective having experienced learning challenges as service users, employers and providers. The DWP felt we were able to balance the needs of users, coaches, management, and the operational system