Addressing Addictive Behaviour

Human beings are driven to repeat behaviour which is rewarding in some way. Once we have gained a ‘reward’ or benefit, from some form of behaviour, we are then conditioned, or we learn, to repeat it in order to gain the same benefit.

This mechanism in and of itself, is something which has evolved within humans as an adaptive feature which is useful in enabling us to get our needs met. Thus, addictive behaviour, is a type of behaviour which is both rewarding and reinforcing.

However, this adaptive mechanism can go awry, thus habitual behaviour patterns become an addiction when we continue to engage in the behaviour, compulsively, despite the long, or short, term adverse consequences.

Addictive behaviour can take many forms, for example, substance and alcohol abuse are the more obvious forms of addictive behaviour. However, OCD, eating disorders, co-dependency (between people), gambling, and addiction to work, are also other forms of addictive behaviour.

This workshop is for anyone who feels they are affected by addictive behaviour, either their own, or the addictive behaviour of a family member, friend, or other loved one. Equally, it is beneficial for anybody who feels unable to make and sustain healthy relationships with people, including themselves.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How your, or another’s, addictive behaviour might be affecting your life
  • How to get calm and manage change in your life
  • The different models of recovery from addiction
  • How to create a plan for resolving addictive behaviour, based on what you have learned
  • The importance of social and emotional connection and peer support in recovery from addictive behaviour, and its maintenance

This is an interesting and stimulating workshop and can be used as an introduction to deeper and more long term work on your personal growth and development.