ALF Newsletter August 2019


The Adept Living Foundation (ALF) enables others to handle life stress, enhance work, life and social skills and gain qualifications in the process

ALF is a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC), who reinvests its profits back into its services

Commercial Programmes

During the last 12 months ALF continued to work with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and completed the mental health training for its work-based coaches across Herts and Beds, delivering to about 600 staff.

Charitable Programmes

ALF also developed and delivered the NOAH (Luton) programs:

  1. Moving Towards Work
  2. Progressing Towards Work
  3. Volunteering Course
  4. IT for Confidence

This means that we have delivered to about 100 people.

Therapeutic Coaching

ALF also accepted 12 referrals for therapeutic coaching, all of which were funded from within its own resources.

Consultation with peers

ALF is pleased that it had been able to enjoy the support of key sponsors such as Change Grow Live (CGL). However, this meant that ALF attracted a number of peers still struggling with addiction.

This led to some peers feeling that their needs, often less complex were not being met, for example single working mothers.

It also meant that limited resources of the founders were being stretched too far as the groups often felt they could not cope.

ALF’s founders experience and deep appreciation is that the Alcoholics Anonymous and its affiliate Fellowships are more adequately able to facilitate addictions.

ALF will continue to support its peers and clients with addressing stress from everyday living; work, study, family and social, but reiterates its intention to focus on education and self-advocacy.

ALF will still accept referrals for therapeutic coaching and will work with all aspects of challenged learning and learners under The ALF Enterprises programmes but will now focus on everyday stress.


The ALF team have conducted research and published on Researchgate (see below) on how emotional tensions can be resolved using the Dynamic Experiential Narrative Theory (DENT©) approach to peer support and on how entrepreneurs overcome barriers to success in goal setting.


ALF and the team ensure that they get out and about. We attend events to watch others (see David and Suzanne at Biggleswade below) and Terry and Keith visiting a school fete in Great Ashby. Also below is the team at Langford Village Fete and for their Fundraising Event, with the ‘Shambles’ in Pirton.


In the last financial year, ALF made a profit of £1.6k and paid tax of £0.4k.

For ALF, paying tax is considered a social obligation and building reserves for a full year of operating costs is considered a prudent objective by the Board.

Currently the reserves amount to £2.1k, which represents about 5 months operating costs. The balance of the 7 months requirement, circa £3k is met by guarantees form the founders, directors and other contributors.


The ALF team wish to thank Bernie Roles for her efforts in helping build ALF from its early foundations. Bernie will be sorely missed as she goes on to develop her new career.

Moving forward

The last six months have seen ALF develop its approach to delivering peer confidante and group facilitator training. This will now be delivered as a combination of face to face groups across Herts and Beds and online delivery of groups.

This will enable ALF to deliver more efficiently and consistently from its current pool of resources.

The Face to Face meetings will be held on Sundays and the online sessions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

ALF are grateful to Positive Ways Ltd for the development of the nationally accredited NFCE Level 2 Peer Confidante course, which not only forms the basis of its Peer Communities of Practice, but is a vocational course/programs too.

  1. Healthy Intention To Action Plan (HITAP).
  2. Mental Health Confidence.
  3. Work Based Training for Resilient and Purposeful employees.
  4. Enterprise program for careers and business development
  5. Stress at Work Management

Key future projects

One of the strategic development services is that ALF is working with senior coaches at Just Clarity Ltd, to provide coaching support to those returning back to work.

Collaborating with recruitment agencies, the ambition is to provide a work based qualification (Level 2 Emerging Confidante) and to provide into/back to work support when the peer commences work.

Single working parents are one of ALF’s target marginalised groups. ALF are pleased to accept the support of the current local MP for Hitchin and Harpenden, Bim Afolami.

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