ALF is a Community Interest Company. This means we work together to create resources to invest in and serve our community. We term this ‘solidarity’.

In a charity resources flow from those who have to those who are assumed to have some deficit or lacking. For charities, accountability for what they do is set internally, based on the charities’ ongoing survival. The relationship between the haves and the have nots is ‘we do for you’.

In ALF, solidarity recognises that power relationships, collective wisdom and mutual resources flow in many directions, we all have the ability to be creative and solve problems. ALF encourages everyone to play their part, to be supported and contribute as they can, in mutual exchange.

We ask three questions:

  1. How did we create this?
  2. What can we develop together?
  3. What makes for just a bit better society?

ALF research and clarify to ensure we are meeting the mutual goals of our stakeholders.

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